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Founded in 2007, India, BaassFx is regarded as one of the leading designers and manufacturers of sound application and installation products. For over 15 years we are driven by people who are passionate about of sound and engineering. Our Speaker, Sub Woofer, Woofer and Professional Sound Enclosures (boxes) display our pursuit to create the best acoustics.

Each year we strive hard to produce superior range of products through continuous research, new manufacturing practices and upgrades using latest cutting edge technology. Our motto ‘GO MAXX’ holds true in everything we do or set our eyes on to achieve. This motto thrives in our DNA of Quality, Commitment and Innovation in our entire range of products. Our craftsmanship and precision in our products, pack in best of features to give thoroughly accurate, natural yet ‘maxx’ experience to listeners.

All this is matched with our distributor and dealer networks in Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Chennai, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Our consistent investment in plantation, continuous improvement in manufacturing practices and recyclable packaging is our way to respect and care for Mother Nature.

Speaker Enclosure

BaassFx speaker enclosure range starts from a very simple particle board rectangular box to very complex cabinets that incorporate composite material, ports and acoustic insulation. They are engineering to give you the best of performance in your car.

Subwoofer Enclosure

We expect good sound output from our car audio system. The quality of bass output that you get from your sub woofer component does not depend on the sub-woofer alone but also depends on the sound enclosure that is been used. The material used for these enclosures, tight construction and mounting predicts the performance of your subwoofer. 

Audio Installation Accessories

Car Audio is not just about branded speakers and high-end audio systems. It includes a wide array of installation accessories like cables, fuse blocks, connectors, terminals, wiring kits, etc. Right installation plays a pivotal role in delivering a definitive sound experience. It is like the nerves system and affects the performance of the products used in car audio systems.

Chargers and Aux Cables

In the age of smart phone and innovative gadgets, it becomes necessary to be accessible all the time. But sometimes you are out, busy and suddenly realize your mobile device is about to run out of battery power. We at BaassFx never let you be out of battery by extensive line-up of in-car accessories for smart phones and tablets designed for fast charging in your car.

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Pro Audio Sound Enclosures

Our Pro Audio Sound Enclosures come with unique water based paint coating technology (first time on India) and has features like.

Car Trays

A car tray is a shelf situated in the rear of the vehicle, behind the rear seats and is used to store things on. As sound enthusiasts BaassFx brings you a complete experience in car audio by manufacturing trays which hold speakers to enhance listening. Car specific rear trays are available on which the speakers are fixed to give you a better sound effect.


Speaker spacers are known by several names, including "speaker brackets" or "speaker adapters”. While aftermarket car speakers come in a range of standardized sizes, the speakers mounted into cars at the factory sometimes are built to different specifications.

When speakers are directly installed on to the Front or the rare door panels without any cushion space there is an immediate vibration on the surface of the Door.

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