Founded in 2007, India, BaassFx is regarded as one of the leading designers and manufacturers of sound application and installation products. For over 8 years we are driven by people who are passionate about of sound and engineering. Our Speaker, Sub Woofer, Woofer and Professional Sound Enclosures (boxes) display our pursuit to create the best acoustics.

Each year we strive hard to produce superior range of products through continuous research, new manufacturing practices and upgrades using latest cutting edge technology. Our motto ‘GO MAXX’ holds true in everything we do or set our eyes on to achieve. This motto thrives in our DNA of Quality, Commitment and Innovation in our entire range of products. Our craftsmanship and precision in our products, pack in best of features to give thoroughly accurate, natural yet ‘maxx’ experience to listeners.

All this is matched with our distributor and dealer networks in Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Chennai, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Our consistent investment in plantation, continuous improvement in manufacturing practices and recyclable packaging is our way to respect and care for Mother Nature.

Car Audio Experience

BaassFx brings to you an unmatched experience when it comes to car audio and accessories. Using the best practices and cutting edge technology, we have been able to bring a revolution in the car audio industry. Years and years of research and passion to bring innovative products, our range has been designed to suit all listening needs of customers. Our in-depth analysis of car audio installation accessories and highly skilled professionals have passed the best sound experience to our listeners and made special place in their cars.

Our R&D unit for car audio components and accessories and supporting manufacturing unit is one of our ground-breaking acts in India. We strive hard to satisfy every customer, be it a buyer, installer, dealer, distributor, manufacturer or just a critic in the car audio industry.

Experience our mind boggling quality by trying our products and installations. One of the best sellers is our BaassFx RDX 691 enclosure. You can install any branded 6”x 9” speaker without having any subwoofer or amplifier.

You will experience best performance... Guaranteed!

If you are over full with choices, then relax and let our experts help you choose the best product for your car. BaassFx strives at bringing the best and latest technology to enhance your car audio experience and give customized solutions to your 4 wheels.


To be world leaders in the field of sound engineering by bringing innovative, high performance and yet affordable products in the Car and Professional Audio industry.


To make BaassFx the most desired brand by customers by building 1 Lakh + dealers network (pan India).



Our products speak for themselves when it comes to quality. We at BaassFx are highly invested in intensive research to bring high quality products into the market.


We fulfill our commitments and make sure that our customers have high satisfaction whenever they engage with the brand. We have high regard towards delivering the best and hence we commit only if we can deliver.


Innovation is the key to any new product or efficient process. At BaassFx, people look to apply new technology, effective people practices, better raw material, efficient production processes and flexible approach. We nurture ideas for continual product improvement.

Sound Box Manufacturing

The box manufacturing plant in Goa has all the modem equipment and use efficient production techniques which make sure that the final product (sound enclosures) are of highest quality and without any engineering errors.

We have special CNC machines for accurate cutting process of wooden sheets required for making the box
We give customized options of MDF, Commercial Plyvv-A, Mcrine Plywood or Birch PlrAfood as per client requirement

We dive customized options of , Commercial Plywood or Birch as per client requirement

our Sound Eneineenn8 expertise helps us to and customer requirement and technical specifications to deli Sri products according to international toWe also help our customers to recondition, repair and their old sound boxes and make them into brand new carpet or paint coated sound enclosures

We take orders for our sound enclosure range.

Special skilled work force is used for punching. nailing and sanding of sound enclosures with use of adjustable press tool, nailing guns and air pressure based adhesion sprav guns

We provide various options for carpet designs to add personality to the final sound enclosures

Special foam is used for noise filtration and sound enhancement to give listeners a clear bass experience